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Change Makers

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Change Makers is a wirelessly controlled robot that challenges students to build inventions that could fundamentally change the way the classroom operates.


By mastering the use of wireless bluetooth computer mice and servo motors, students will make the classroom more fun and engaging for everyone. When students want to participate, they can click on their mouse and their Change Maker robots will communicate for them! 


Lead Designer


1 Designer, 1 Hardware Engineer


May 2019


The Brief

What can we invent to make the class more fun? What tools can be designed to change the way teachers and students can communicate with one another? This wireless robot project prompts children to try and visualize the past, present and future of products, ideas or even institutions in order to create the next greatest invention. 

We chose to focus on making positive changes to the classroom because we felt that mission would resonate most with any child. Students are challenged to create a robot that best represents them so that they feel empowered to express themselves in the classroom setting.


The process

The Change Makers prototype went through many prototype iterations before landing on the final one. The major considerations revolved around how the wireless aspect would function. There were many parameters to consider:


• Will it be easy to operate with 10+ individual projects being controlled in the same room?

• Will the technology be intuitive for students?

• Will there be room for creativity and open-ended adjustments to the moving pieces?

We landed on a computer mouse wireless control solution after conducting many tests. We explored Bluetooth modules with potentiometer knobs before realizing that a computer mouse is much more intuitive to children since it's something that they're already familiar with. 

finalVideo+42.gif (42).gif

The final project

The final Change Makers project was developed as a hands-on project to be instructed in a week long summer camp setting. Kids ages 3-12 were all confident creators of this project!

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